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Quantum Consultants provides a broad spectrum of professional civil engineering services, including transportation, drainage, park improvements, low impact design, water and wastewater, educational and institutional facilities design, and residential, commercial, and industrial development. We go beyond the problem-solving roles of traditional engineering firms and provide custom solutions based on total project understanding. Quantum Consultants is committed to providing first-class service to our clients, under-budget and on-time, every time. 

  • Street and Thoroughfare Improvement Projects

  • Trail Design

  • Sidewalk Improvements

  • Parking Lot Design

  • Drainage Infrastructure Analyses, Studies, Reports, and Designs

  • Site Grading and Drainage Improvements

  • Master Grading and Drainage Planning

  • Hydraulic/Hydrologic Modeling

  • Erosion Control Measures

  • Quality of Life Improvement Projects

  • Park Improvement Projects

  • Athletic Field Design

  • Residential, Commercial, Multi-Family and Industrial  Land Development

  • Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence Reports

  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

  • Resident Project Representation/Construction Management/Site Observations

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Quantum Consultants has extensive experience in urban planning, including land use, transportation planning, comprehensive planning, capital project planning, and strategic project implementation. Our team can guide you through the entire development process, including initial feasibility study and data collection, site assessment and analysis, master planning, urban design, and project implementation.  We strongly believe in implementation of active transportation and placemaking to improve public health in communities. Quantum Consultants also provides on-call urban planning support for numerous communities in the Region.

  • Transportation Planning

  • Active Transportation

  • Bicycle and Trail Planning

  • Corridor Planning

  • Market Assessment Studies

  • Land Use

  • Zoning and Subdivisions

  • Comprehensive Planning

  • Master Plans

  • Equitable Access Assessment

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We think about sustainability a little bit differently at Quantum Consultants, expanding on the importance of environmental sustainability to also encompass economic resiliency and long-term financial sustainability. Whether we are designing small-scale residential green infrastructure or developing a citywide sustainability plan, we believe in the power to develop more great places designed with long-term sustainability in mind. Our team's experience also includes responsible business management, helping your company with sustainability and resiliency implementation.

  • Environmental Nonprofit Support Services

  • Resource Management Planning

  • Energy Reduction Assessment

  • Waste Audit

  • Green Infrastructure and Low-Impact Design

  • Sustainable Procurement Analysis

  • Local Food and Community Garden Implementation

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Planning

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Quantum Consultants has extensive experience in construction management services including site visits to observe project progress and verify that construction is in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. We also review, for approval, all product submittals and shop drawings; review and recommend approval of pay requests; and provide clarifications or interpretations to project contract documents. At the time of substantial completion, Quantum Consultants performs project inspections and prepares a punch list of items to be completed prior to final project acceptance. Our team also performs final project inspection for recommending project acceptance. 

  • Resident Project Representation

  • Site Visits and Reports

  • Construction Progress Monitoring

  • Review and Approve Product Submittals and Shop Drawings

  • Review and Approve Pay Requests

  • Drone Progress Monitoring

  • Drone Construction Site Survey

  • Drone Inspection and Mapping

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Meaningful, inclusive public outreach is a key component of successful project completion. Comprehensive community engagement includes both in-person outreach efforts and digital outreach, such as website development and enhancement. We strongly believe in building strong and sustainable relationships across our community. Our non-traditional tools ensure broad feedback is captured across all socio-economic backgrounds. Our team has over 20 years of experience in bilingual community outreach and engagement. We believe in the power of analytics and metrics behind social media to better understand how to reach different audiences. 

  • Bilingual Outreach

  • Visioning Sessions

  • Educational Workshops

  • Public Input Sessions

  • Hands-on Volunteer Workshops

  • Event Management

  • Conference Planning

  • Webinar Coordination

  • Interactive Digital Outreach Applications

  • Content Generation

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Website Development

  • Website Redesign

  • Social Media Services (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn)

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Quantum has extensive grant management experience, ranging from small-scale garden development grants to $1 million sustainable building design grants. Services include gathering letters of support, identifying funding opportunities, coordinating stakeholders, grant writing, and comprehensive grant management and oversight. Our team can generate required grant reporting documents and track metrics and progress. We also support nonprofit organizations through the development of creative funding strategies. 

  • Funding identification

  • Budget creation and oversight

  • Fund analysis, adjustments and project revisions

  • Completion reports

  • Compliance management with all regulations

  • Contract close-out assistance

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Quantum provides world-class drone services, brought to you by a team of highly skilled and trained pilots, each holding appropriate certifications from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Experience unparalleled aerial perspectives through the lens of our lead pilot, a seasoned professional with over 10 years of photography experience. Whether it's for a commercial project, construction, general marketing, event coverage or more, we bring not only the highest standard of safety and professionalism but also a touch of creative flair to every mission we undertake. 

  • Aerial Images/Videos

  • Timelapse/Project Updates

  • Survey Grade Imaging

  • Photogrammetry

  • Construction/Project Monitoring/Updates

  • Event Coverage

  • Large Scale Perspectives

  • General Marketing Materials

  • Handheld Photography/Videography

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