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Our Experience

QEC’s experience with the public and private sector and architectural firms has provided our staff with a broad background on many high-profile projects. Examples of these projects are listed below:



  • The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)

    • Campus Transformation Project

    • Interdisciplinary Research Building

    • Biosciences Research Facility

    • Engineering Core Facility

    • Student Housing Project

    • Foster Stevens Basketball Center and Ticket Center

    • University Bookstore

    • Swimming and Fitness Center Expansion

    • Glory Road Transfer Terminal

    • Sun Bowl Parking Garage

    • Schuster Avenue Parking Garage

    • Multi-Purpose Field Renovations

    • New S-6 Parking Lot

    • Lhakhang Shrine

    • Sun Bowl Drive Improvements

    • Wiggins Way and University Avenue Streetscape

    • Hawthorne Street Pedestrian and Bike Enhancements

    • University Avenue Drainage Improvements Phases I & II

    • University Avenue Drainage Improvements Phase III

  • El Paso Community College

    • Valle Verde Campus Classroom / Laboratory Building

    • Mission Del Paso Campus Classroom / Laboratory Building

  • Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

    • Medical Science Building II



  • El Paso Independent School District

    • 2016 Bond Athletic Upgrades – 2020 Phase Tennis Court Improvements - Irvin HS, Burges HS, Andress HS, Coronado HS

    • 2016 Bond Athletic Upgrades – 2019 Phase Track Replacement  - Coronado HS, Irvin HS, Jefferson HS & Franklin HS and Tennis Court Replacement – Austin HS, Bowie HS, & Jefferson HS

    • Chapin HS Security Fencing

    • Edgar Park Elementary School Drainage Report/Study

    • 2016 Bond Tennis Courts Franklin/Chapin HS

    • Main Office Demolition (6531 Boeing)

    • Dr. Josefina Villamil Tinajero PK8 (Henderson MS 
      consolidating Clardy ES)

    • MacArthur PK8 consolidating Bonham Elementary

    • Irvin HS Renovation and Replacement

    • Bobby Joe Hill PK-8 (formerly Terrace Hills MS)

    • Cooley ES Parking Lot Improvements

    • Vilas Drop Off

    • Vilas Parking Improvements

    • El Paso HS Tennis Court Replacement

    • Chapin HS Running Track Resurfacing

    • Irvin HS Tennis Court Replacement

    • Hornedo HS Drop Off Zone

    • Coronado HS Drop Off Zone

    • Western Hills Drainage Improvements

    • Reclaimed Water Brown and Kohlberg

    • Coronado HS Sewer Line Replacement

    • El Paso HS Running Track Surface Drainage 

    • Site Improvements Lincoln and Bond

    • Refurbishment Project #7 (Austin HS, Canyon MS, Terrace Hills MS)

    • EPHS Bus Lane Drop Off

    • EPHS Running Track Drainage Imp

    • New Westside Middle School (MS-5)

    • Canyon Hills MS Classroom Addition

    • Magoffin Middle School

    • Lincoln Middle School

    • Coronado Parking Lot

    • Sidewalk Improvements for Mesita Elementary School

    • Drainage Improvements for Burleson Elementary School

    • New Fire Lane for LB Johnson Elementary School

    • El Paso High School ROTC Building Drainage Improvements

    • Milam Elementary School Parking Lot

    • Magoffin Middle School Relocation

    • Districtwide Modular Campus, Guerrero Elementary School 

    • Districtwide Modular Campus, Dr. Nixon Elementary School 

    • Running Track Replacement Phase 2, El Paso High School

    • Football Field Drainage Improvements, Chapin High School 

    • Area Drainage Improvements, Franklin High School

    • Guillen Middle School Running Track and Basketball Courts

  • Ysleta Independent School District

    • Del Valle HS Pavement Rehabilitation Phase I

    • Multi-Purpose Turf at High School Baseball and Softball Fields (Bel Air HS, Del Valle HS, Eastwood  HS, Hanks HS, Parkland HS, Riverside HS, and Ysleta HS)

    • Sageland Recreational Fields

    • Riverside MS Expansion/Improvements

    • Bel Air & Eastwood HS Classroom Additions

    • J.M. Hanks High School Improvements

  • Socorro Independent School District

    • New Combo School Eastlake Area

    • New Eastlake High School

    • Horizon High School Site Improvements

  • San Elizario Independent School District

    • Lorenzo Loya Parking Lot

    • San Elizario HS Field House/Parking Lot

    • San Elizario HS Artificial Turf Project

    • San Elizario HS Support Services Operational Center

    • San Elizario HS STEM Project

  • Anthony Independent School District

    • Anthony Elementary School Expansion

  • Canutillo Independent School District

    • New Canutillo High School

    • Canutillo Elementary School Addition

    • New CISD Pre-K thru 5th

  • Clint Independent School District

    • New Running Tracks CISD (E. Montana MS, Horizon MS, Clint Junior HS)

    • New Clint High School

    • Clint High School Improvements

    • East Montana Middle School Paving Improvements

  • Fabens Independent School District

    • Fabens Junior High School

  • Grants-Cibola Independent School District

    • New Grants High School

  • Tornillo Independent School District

    • Tornillo Elementary School Improvements

    • Tornillo Middle School Improvements



  • South Central Street and Drainage Improvements Phase II - Cortez Drive (Delta to Flower) - El Paso, TX

  • Edna Avenue Street and Drainage Improvements - El Paso, TX

  • Padilla Dr. Reconstruction Project - El Paso, TX

  • Borderland Street and Drainage Improvements Phases II, III, IV, V, VI, & VII - El Paso, TX

  • Keltner Avenue Parkway Improvements - El Paso, TX

  • Knights Drive Extension Street and Drainage Improvements - El Paso, TX

  • Carpenter Addition Street and Drainage Improvements - El Paso, TX

  • Wenda Way Street and Drainage Improvements - El Paso, TX

  • El Paso Public Library José Cisneros Cielo Vista Branch - El Paso, TX



  • Paso del Norte Trail (Paso del Norte Health Foundation) - El Paso, TX

  • Paso del Norte Trail Strategic Implementation Plan (Paso del Norte Health Foundation) - El Paso, TX

  • Complete Streets Policy Development (American Heart Association) - El Paso, TX

  • EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant Implementation (El Paso Downtown Management District) - El Paso, TX

  • Green Infrastructure Installation, Education, and Outreach (National Recreation and Park Association) - El Paso, TX

  • Wildlife Habitat Workshops (National Recreation and Park Association) - El Paso, TX

  • St. Clement's Campus Master Plan (St. Clement's Parish School) - El Paso, TX

MicrosoftTeams-image (8).png


  • State Office Building and Parking Garage - El Paso, TX

  • Renovations to the INS Regional Office

  • Texas Department of Public Safety Office - Alpine, TX

  • New Border Patrol Station - Van Horn, TX

  • Texas Department of Public Safety - El Paso, TX



  • Memorial Park Improvements and New Indoor Swimming Pool Facility - El Paso, TX

  • New Sea Lion Exhibit for the El Paso Zoo - El Paso, TX

  • Washington Park Senior Citizens Center and Indoor Pool - El Paso, TX

  • Pioneer Plaza Phases I – IV - El Paso, TX

  • Plaza Parking Garage - El Paso, TX

  • Pedestrian Pathways Phases I and II - El Paso, TX

  • St. Regis Parking Structure - El Paso, TX

  • County Parking Garage - El Paso, TX

  • Mills Building Renovation - El Paso, TX

  • Magoffin Villa Apartments - El Paso, TX

  • San Jacinto Plaza - El Paso, TX

  • Nations-Tobin Center and Park Improvements - El Paso, TX

  • Thomas Manor Park Improvements - El Paso, TX

  • Fire Station No. 5 - El Paso, TX

  • Fire Station No. 36 - El Paso, TX

  • Fire Station No. 37 - El Paso, TX

  • El Paso County Emergency Services Department No. 1 - Town of Horizon City, Texas

  • Magoffin Home State Historic Site Renovation - El Paso, TX

  • Magoffin Home State Historic Site Visitors Center and Parking Lot - El Paso, TX

  • Mills Plaza Promenade - El Paso, TX



  • Horizon Mesa Unit One Subdivision -  Horizon City, TX

  • Franklin Hills Units 2-7 - El Paso, TX

  • Lee Trevino Towne Center - El Paso, TX

  • Trade Key Phase 3 Site Development - El Paso, TX

  • Courtyard by Marriott - El Paso, TX

  • Hilton Garden Inn - El Paso, TX

  • Eastside Distribution Operations Center Training Facility – El Paso Electric Company - El Paso, TX

  • The Fields Residential Subdivision - El Paso, TX

  • West Desert Marketplace Residential Subdivision - El Paso, TX

  • Franklin Hills Unit 10 Subdivision - El Paso, TX

  • Franklin Hills Unit 8 Subdivision - El Paso, TX

  • Dos Palmas Subdivision - El Paso, TX

  • Bixler Subdivision - Las Cruces, NM

  • Remington Estates - Las Cruces, NM

  • Zaragoza Corporate Center Industrial Park- El Paso, TX

  • Notre Dame Subdivision Units One and Two - Town of Horizon City, TX

  • Sunland Park Industrial Park Subdivision - Sunland Park, NM

  • Las Torres Altos de Anthony - Anthony, TX

  • East Valley Commerce Park - El Paso, TX

  • El Paso Hills Replat “A” - Town of Horizon City, TX

  • Paseo del Este Unit One Subdivision - Town of Horizon City, TX

  • Desert Aire Unit One Subdivision - Fabens, TX

  • Rubin Heights Replat A Subdivision – Housing Authority of the City of El Paso - El Paso, TX

  • LDS Anthony - City of Anthony, NM

  • Nazareth Hall - El Paso, TX

  • LDS Fabens - Fabens, TX

  • Permian Machinery - El Paso, TX

  • San Vicente Clinic - El Paso, TX

  • Horizon Mesa Shipper’s Transport - El Paso, TX

  • John D. Cramer Memorial Apartments – Housing Authority of the City of El Paso - El Paso, TX

  • Rubin Heights Unit Two Replat “A”- El Paso, TX

  • Ridge View Estates Unit 7 - El Paso, TX

  • Miles Midtown Subdivision - El Paso, TX

  • Vista Del Sol Unit 150 - El Paso, TX

  • GE Capital Modular Space/TIP Subdivision - El Paso, TX

  • Horizon Hills Replat A, B, & C - Town of Horizon City, TX

  • Abugalyon Estates Subdivision - El Paso, TX

  • Franklin Hills Units 2 - 7 - El Paso, TX

  • Franklin Hills Park Subdivision - El Paso, TX

  • Alto Mesa Unit 9 Commercial Subdivision - El Paso, TX

  • Horizon Hills Replats “A” thru “D” Subdivisions - Town of Horizon City, TX

  • Canutillo Commercial Subdivision - Canutillo, TX

  • Mesa Place Unit 1 - El Paso, TX

  • Mesa Place Unit 2 - El Paso, TX

  • Gato Subdivision - El Paso County, TX

  • Horizon Mesa Unit One Subdivision - Town of Horizon City, TX



  • Saipan Ledo Pond Design - El Paso, TX

  • Edgar Park Drainage Report/Study - El Paso, TX

  • Newman ES Drainage Improvements  – El Paso Independent School District - El Paso, TX

  • South Central Street and Drainage Improvements Phase V - El Paso, TX

  • Edna Avenue (East) - El Paso, TX

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